KAIROS OUTSIDE is designed to support the wives, mothers and female relatives/friends of men and women who are or have been incarcerated. This is done by providing a safe environment for a short time with Christian people and the opportunity to interact with women in similar situations. We believe that the women related to the incarcerated are ?doing time? right along with their loved ones. We want to let them know that there is a Christian community who cares about them and their needs. The weekend process will provide an opportunity to not only explore one?s relationship with God, but to also experience a time of fun, music, great food and community.

How is Kairos Outside different from Kairos Inside?

Kairos Outside Weekends serves women whose lives have been impacted by incarceration whereas Kairos Inside serves men and women who are currently incarcerated.

What is the best approach in getting Volunteers and Guest for the Kairos Outside Weekend?

Recruiting Guests and Volunteers is a year-round effort by all members of the Advisory Council. Opportunities for such include but are not limited to, Speaker Outreach, Church Mission Fairs, Fundraising activities and interaction with Kairos Inside and Kairos Torch Volunteers.

How do I contact someone to work on a Kairos Outside Weekend?

Complete a Team application and mail in to the address below. It is helpful if a Team member has worked another Fourth Day Ministry weekend (Walk to Emmaus, Cursillo, Tres Dias, etc.). If someone who has not completed a street weekend, and wants to work the team, Kairos Outside allows 20% of the team for those who have not worked a Fourth Day Ministry weekend. There are a few more guidelines but Kairos Outside is Volunteer ministry weekend. The Weekend Leader will contact you about working the weekend.

Do you have to be a Christian to attend a Kairos Outside Weekend?

NO. Weekend content is presented from a Christian perspective and Guests are asked to be open and not judge the Weekend until they have experienced it in its entirety.

What Happens on a Kairos Outside Weekend?

Guests witness God?s grace through the team, prayers, talks/meditations, acts of unconditional love (we call agape), special surprises, and Christian community. The unconditional love of God often begins the transformation process towards a new or renewed relationship with Christ.

What is the minimum age for Kairos Outside Guest to attend a Weekend?

20. The program content is such that it requires a certain level of maturity and Kairos Wisdom has shown that this maturity is usually not present until the age of 20.

Can those who have been incarcerated attend a Kairos Outside weekend?

Any woman who did not have the opportunity to attend a Kairos Inside Weekend while incarcerated may attend a Kairos Outside Weekend after she has been released one year. If on parole/probation, she must have permission from her Parole/Probation Officer.

What are some of the ways to get Guest to remain active in Kairos Outside?

Staying in touch after the Weekend by inviting previous Guest to Reunions, sending notes, phoning, encouraging groups and inviting them to serve on Teams or as "day angels" are some of the suggestions that will help all of us to stay connected.

The Advisory Council provides the leadership for the specific Kairos program, in accordance with the policies of the State Chapter Committee along with the manuals and polices of the KPMI Board of Directors.

Eligible members of the Kairos local community elect those to serve in leadership positions on the Advisory Council. The current leadership of Kairos Outside of North Georgia can be viewed by clicking on our

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